About Me


French adventurous & curious soul of 25, I like to say that life is about wandering and wondering.

  Passionate about travels, languages, cooking and culture discovery, I never feel more alive than when I’m about to ‘eat’ the road. Kind of overactive, I like to discover each facet of a destination: I can dance in the heart of the city all night and go hike the country’s nature highways and byways the following morning.

If my biggest travel crush was on the Asian continent and the Pacific islands, Europe would be the eternal lover that always surprises me, while Oceania would resemble a budding romance…

After spending 7 months in French Polynesia, I traveled through Oceania and Asia on my way back to Europe where I spent the last year between France and Belgium.

Not very eager to stay calm (for now at least!), I recently left everything to go explore New Zealand during a year.

I believe that each of us make every place a little more special by the story we share with it: come and share your world vision with me!